Investment Approach

Eagle Point has a long-term oriented investment philosophy and invests primarily with a buy-and-hold mentality. However, on an ongoing basis, Eagle Point actively monitors each investment and may sell positions if circumstances have changed from the time of investment or if it is advantageous to do so.

Eagle Point employs a proactive and differentiated investment strategy and process that we believe has the potential to produce returns that exceed the CLO market generally.  We believe that Eagle Point's methodical and rigorous investment analysis and due diligence process is more akin to a private equity style approach than to the typical process used by many investors in freely tradable fixed income securities, such as CLO securities.

We believe that the initial structuring of a CLO is an important factor in the ultimate risk-adjusted returns, and that experienced and knowledgeable investors can add meaningful value relative to other market participants by selecting those investments with the most advantageous structures. 

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