Risk and Other Considerations

Eagle Point Credit Company Inc. (the “Company”) is a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company with limited operating history. Shares of the Company’s common stock are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the symbol “ECC” and shares of the Company’s Series A Term Preferred Stock due 2020 are listed on the NYSE under the symbol “ECCA”. Investors should consider their investment goals, time horizons and risk tolerance before investing in the Company. Investors should also consider the Company’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing in securities of the Company. Shares of closed-end investment companies frequently trade at a discount from their net asset value (“NAV”) and the Company cannot predict whether its shares will trade at, below or above NAV. The Company anticipates using leverage. Leverage involves the use of various financial instruments or borrowings in an attempt to increase the return of an investment. The use of leverage involves risk, including the potential for higher volatility and greater declines of the Company’s net asset value, and fluctuations of dividends and other distributions paid by the Company. The securities in which the Company will invest are expected to be rated below investment grade or unrated. Such securities are regarded as having predominately speculative characteristics with respect to an issuer’s capacity to pay interest and repay principal and are commonly referred to as “high yield” securities or “junk” bonds. The Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) contain information about the Company’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses as well as other information about the Company. These filings should be read carefully before investing. The Company’s filings with the SEC may be found on the SEC’s website (www.sec.gov) or at eaglepointcreditcompany.com/investor-relations/Documents/sec-filings.

The investment program of the Company is speculative and entails substantial risk, including the possible loss of principal. There can be no assurance that Company’s investment objectives will be achieved. An investment in the Company is not appropriate for all investors and is not intended to be a complete investment program. The Company is designed as a long-term investment and not as a trading vehicle. Investors could lose some or all of their investment. Past performance is not indicative of, or a guarantee of, future performance.

This website’s content is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice, or a recommendation or an offer to enter into any transaction with the Company or any of its affiliates, and does not constitute an offer to sell securities of the Company or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any such securities. Neither Eagle Point Credit Management LLC nor the Company provides legal, accounting or tax advice. Any statement regarding such matters is explanatory and may not be relied upon as definitive advice. Investors should consult with their legal, accounting and tax advisers regarding any potential investment.

The information on this web site is intended for U.S. residents only. The information provided does not constitute a solicitation of an offer to buy, or an offer to sell securities in any jurisdiction to any person to whom it is not lawful to make such an offer. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

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